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‘TOMORROW VIJANA’ is a Kiswahili language word which when translated in English means ‘Tomorrow’s Youths/People. In effect, our focus is ‘tomorrow’ or the future, a better future of our peoples and our community. Tomorrow Vijana is a refugee-led organization founded in January 2014 in Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Kamwenge District, in South-western Uganda. The idea to start TOMORROW VIJANA first emerged mainly after recognizing the language barrier encountered by the refugees in the settlement. Initially, two of ‘Tomorrow Vijana’ founders went through the entire settlement interacting and engaging with refugee communities, refugee leaders, UNHCR officials and staff from the Office of the Prime Minister, developmental implementing agencies and partners. The aim of this interaction was to understand salient challenges that were impacting our refugee community. After this initial engagement with the various stakeholders, we realized that the main factor affecting the refugee community was difficulty to easily integrate into the host community. This was attributed to lack of English language speaking and writing skills. Our refugees were coming from mainly francophone countries like Congo where Kiswahili and French predominantly spoken. They thus found it hard to speak English, or local dialects in Kamwenge, where English is the official language of communication. To avert this crisis, TOMORROW VIJANA’s founders immediately decided to begin volunteering in teaching Basic English Language and Communication skills to interested refugees, both Adult and Young. This was in kyempango C where it was offering literacy courses and Basic English lessons to the community of kyempango under a tree. This went on for close to two years, and during this time, TOMORROW VIJANA continued building trust and hope in the community with its beginner English language lessons. Later, TOMORROW VIJANA was able to get an opportunity to partner with Xavier Project(COHERE) in 2017 and from the partnership Xavier Project supported TOMORROW VIJANA to build a community learning Hub and equipped it with furniture and library for the community to support classes and research. To this improved capacity, TOMORROW VIJANA started offering computer lessons to both young and refugees’ children. It is worth noting that thanks to this Partnership and improved capacity, refugees and surrounding host community have benefited from our English language lessons, and have gone ahead to easily integrate into the host communities and play a developmental role in their community’s wellbeing. At present Tomorrow Vijana has since expanded its scale of operation, via analyzing other emerging community needs other than the language barrier and is currently engaged in activities such as Education, Protection, Community Mobilization, livelihood activities (tailoring, farming, and backyard gardening). STRATEGIC PARTNESHIPS TO FOSTER DEVELOPMENT IN REFUGEE COMMUNITIES TOMORROW VIJANA is always determined to play an active role in its Partnerships, and in solving emerging refugee community challenges. For instance, in response to the covid19 pandemic, TOMORROW VIJANA in 2020, in partnership with UNHCR, was able to make 15,500 masks which were donated to needy refugee families in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement. During the covid-19 pandemic breakout, TOMORROW VIJANA with the big support from Xavier Project(COHERE), succeeded in supporting refugees with albinism living in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement with basic needs (food and none food items) to overcome the difficult time when the community where in lockdown and most of income-generating activities have been suspended due to covid-19. TOMORROW VIJANA played an active role of community mobilization in Rwamwanja refugee in Partnership with ADRA funded by the UN World Food Program, Tomorrow Vijana facilitated the effectiveness of logistical assistance to refugees such as food and cash distribution. From 2019 to date, TOMORROW VIJAANA conjunction with COHERE is implementing a project of supporting children with disability in Rwamwanja settlement and Surrounding host community, with HEA/COMIC RELIEF funded project TOMORROW VIJANA has managed to identify 300 children with disability such as Epilepsy, Down Syndrome, Microcephalus, Autism and Cerebral Palsy among others. In the year 2022 in collaboration with COHORE, OSF managed to fund one year the digital learning project which is a project being implemented by TOMORROW VIJANA in Base-Camp II Zone. Still in 2022 Tomorrow Vijana was able to write a proposal of expanding the learning in others Zones of the Settlement by CONSTRUCTING LEARNING CENTERS and main OFFICES, this proposal was funded by a coalition of Refugee Led Organization (RESOURCING REFUGEE LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE) in partnering with ASYLUM ACCESS, the construction of the learning Center took place in Nkoma C Zone. solid waste management project funded OXFAM. Tomorrow Vijana is also implementing a 3 years Agri-Business project in partnership with COHERE funded by OPPORTUNITY BANK INTERNATIONAL. TOMORROW VIJANA is determined to continue championing the building of partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals that are willing to support our humanitarian cause. OUR STRENGTHEN • We know our community better and we are living with the community. • We know the needs of the community from the grass roots. • We have good skills in risk assessment • We have developed a strong financial management system • We are motivated as a team to influence positive change in our community. OPPORTUNITIES: - Possibility for partnerships with International Organizations, Online Grants for NGOs, OPM and other Refugee led Organization’s to share knowledge, skills, funding etc.

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