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TOMORROW VIJANA is a refugee led organization founded in January 2014 in Rwamwanja settlement. The idea of starting TOMORROW VIJANA came up after recognizing the gap of language barrier faced by the refugee community which was leading to a hard community collaboration with the local Ugandans in the neighborhood from the refugee Settlement. During this time, Kubana Alexis and Mathias Rukira, refugees themselves, went through all the zones of Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, on a consultative mission with the local community members. They traversed the entire settlement interacting and engaging with refugee communities, refugee leaders, UNHCR officials, staff from the Office of the Prime Minister, implementing agencies and partners. During all of these engagements, they discovered that the main factor limiting the integration of refugees into the settlement and with local host communities was lack of English language speaking skills, which was affecting communication and interaction between refugees and the host community. In this regard, TOMORROW VIJANA started offering literacy courses and Basic English lessons to the community of kyempango under a tree. Inspite of the initial limitations like bad weather and abscence of funds, , TOMORROW VIJANA continued building trust and hope in the community that one day the situation will change. Later, after two years of operation, TOMORROW VIJANA was able to partner with Xavier Project and from the partnership Xavier Project supported Tomorrow Vijana to build a community Hub and equipped it with furniture and library for the community to support classes and research. Tomorrow Vijana started offering computer lessons to refugees, which all became a success. Tomorrow Vijana has since expanded its scale of operation and diversified livelihood interveintions, and is thus engaged in various activities such as Education, Protection, Community Mobilization, livelihood activities,(tailoring, poultry farming, and backyard gardening) and protection.

Annual Operating Budget: 270,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 800

Our Partnerships

Our Current Funding Partners

COHERE , ADRA uganda, WFP, RRLI(Resourcing Refugee Leadership Initiative)

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Support Partners can play an optional role bridging various gaps between RLOs and their supporters around the world.

Additional Information

Our Community and beneficiaries

Tomorrow Vijana mainly focuses on serving the community of refugees affected by different crises in their countries of origin facing difficult integration into the host community due to the language barrier. Tomorrow Vijana has so far reached 1350 beneficiaries by offering basic English, literacy courses, ICT and sewing lessons. Tomorrow Vijana has also reached 95% of the community living in Rwamwanja settlement in terms of information sharing using a public addressing system during this period of the covid-19 pandemic where tomorrow Vijana has massively shared messages related to covid-19 to the community not accessing the information on the radio and on social media. Tomorrow Vijana remains comitted to serving the refugee community and restoring hope and dreams of refugees. Our challenge is limited funds but we are comitted to using locally generated solutions to solve the problems of our community, and we shalll continue championing the rights of refugees and their livelihoods.

Other Operating Locations

We currently operate in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Uganda, only.

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