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New hope in Language and Development Association in short “NLDA” is a nonprofit community Based organization established in January 2018 in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement in Kamwenge district in the Republic of Uganda. Its purpose is to enable Adults refugees with barriers to education opportunities to have access to education. Its interventions are carried out in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement and in the host surrounding communities, Kamwenge, Uganda. Despite the shortage of fund and technical capacity, we have succeeded to provide literacy and numeracy courses to around 80 refugees (23 Kaihora, 28 Mahani, 23 Base camp and 18 kyempango) of which 79% are females and 21% are males. It has also managed to reach 6 humanitarian staff with French and 7 staffs with Swahili courses. It owns its success from the higher and active partnership and involvement of the community leaders, existing community structures and our primary stakeholders. The participation of each beneficiary is a crucial element in bringing sustainable solution. Therefore, applying participatory and empowerment approaches is the key to the success of our interventions.

Annual Operating Budget: 1,000 USD

Annual Beneficiary Reach: 500

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welocalize Lutheran World Federation- LWF

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Lutheran World Federation- LWF

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Language training program is a permanent crisis resolution mechanism established by the NLDA. It has started in 2020 with purpose of ensuring the integration of refugees in the host area through providing language trainings and other assistance to persons with special needs. NLDA wishes to offer the refugee population and other members of the host, to attend language courses to enhance their language skills and / or promote and foster integration. It offers three main courses: English to adults with language barriers, French and Swahili to humanitarian staff and host community members desiring to learn and improve their delivery quality in communicating with clients, and literacy and numeracy to adults of whom women representing 80%. Most of those women are SGBV survivors, single mothers and other vulnerable women. The objective of this programme is to ensure that participants achieve sufficient command of the language chosen to allow them to use it in the context of their professional, educational and private life and when dealing with their clients. NLDA engages the volunteer teachers to provide such language courses on the conditions described below. The target audience is mainly the refugee population that has different profiles: refugees facing language barriers and humanitarian staff facing communication barriers. In addition, language training courses can be offered to nationals, refugees and humanitarian staff. Our program reaches around 100 beneficiaries from our different locations in Base camp 1, Mahani, Kyempango and Kaihora where literacy and numeracy is recently delivered in churches and in other public places. The general objective of NLDA is to facilitate and improve the interaction between refugees and nationals and organizations and their clients.

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