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Sudanese Women for peace and Development Association
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We mainly work among the Sudanese refugee's women in Uganda, to empower, to take right position in the society through having comprehensive capacity building and skills development such as tailoring, bakery, hand and craft, soap making, financial literacy and peace building, due to overcome risks and challenges that face them as well as insure their bright futures. We empower women through financial support to boost and sustain their businesses to continue addressing their financial needs. SWPDA conducts counselling sessions among families to ensure conflict resolutions and support traumatized individuals. Education activities for children such as sponsorship, support to orphanages, and marketing strategies to young business women especially online services. Our values: Transparency, Commitment, Equality, Teamwork and Confidentiality. Our Vision: To empower women.


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Contact Person: Aida Musa

Contact Email: aidamusa9@gmail.com

Secondary Email: naova83@gmail.com

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